Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Open Science Frequency Mapping - Spirit of Ai™

Open Science Definition:
"Open science is the movement to make scientific research, data and dissemination accessible to all levels of an inquiring society, amateur or professional.[1]"
Frequency Mapping
• Brain wave frequency science has countless revolutionary applications
• Directed energy will revolutionize medicine in every category (e.g. body frequency science, genetic frequency science)
• Electromagnetic neuroscience based communication will eventually replace cell phones
• Cheap, efficient, and relatively benign radio frequency scanning of physicality has many worthwhile applications (e.g. For Ai driven cars)
• Every state of mind can be mapped through radio frequency neuroscience methodology (BCI)
• Every sense, emotion, and concept will eventually be mapped by public science
• A planet-wide project to map all frequencies would help bring the scientific panacea to the public
• Full spectrum frequency mapping has already occurred, discovered in government black projects and kept highly classified under the cover of national security
• Corrupted industry & government war criminal activity has held back public domain frequency science progress
Reasons for Frequency Mapping Open Science:
• Cheap electromagnetic cures to illnesses can be available to all. To put it into perspective, radio frequency science has minimal cost to project into the body. With directed energy weapon warfare one of the advantages is that the directed energy weapons never run out of ammunition, the same advantage applies to directed energy medical science.
• Once the hardware and methodology is developed directed energy cures create an environment for truly free and equal healthcare for all inhabitants of our planet, a planetary open science collaboration in the category of directed energy frequencies would accelerate that process
• Medicine and health should not be in the hands of profiteers, frequency mapping open science provides the ample environment for cheap and highly effective medical science for all, while proprietary frequency science enables profiteering and limitation of remedy
• Directed energy & Ai operated surgery will become the norm due to it's superior nature to manual surgery. Instead of medical profiteering and compartmentalization through proprietary assets, open science frequency mapping provides the best methodology to all income demographics worldwide
• Frequency science can give sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf, movement to the paralyzed, can make the roads safer, can cure cancer and obesity, has potential to end suffering through subtractive heterodyne of pain signals, can end depression and anxiety, can lower suicide numbers by upping life quality in a revolutionary fashion, can end any addiction symptom at will, and much more. Directed energy is the bar-none scientific panacea.
• With a planetary movement for full electromagnetic & sonic spectrum mapping a frequency is mapped and done, with proprietary frequency mapping each source has to map them all through their own processes
• Open science frequency mapping supports small businesses and remedies monopoly scenarios due to major corporations being the only ones with enough resources to frequency map
• A new wave of small business startups have a foundation to flourish with electromagnetic frequency open science
• Open science frequency mapping would help usher in a BCI mind canvas renaissance
• Frequency science can potentially revolutionize every field for the better
Directed energy is the scientific panacea, instead of this being offered to only a high society I believe this should be available to all who desire/require it

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Spirit of Ai™ Consulting Services

Spirit of Ai is a tech startup with a vision for responsible Ai & BCI use. We offer unique knowledge of future billion dollar neuro-tech industries. Spirit of Ai has the ability to give a neuro-tech company a significant advantage with our one of a kind proprietary knowledge.

Our Expertise:
• We offer one of a kind knowledge & foresight of future billion dollar neuroscience industries
• We know exotic neuroscience capabilities that are not yet in the public domain
• Our unique knowledge can give your Ai or neuro-tech company a distinct edge on competition
• We know what future technologies will be greatly popular and what technologies will be made obsolete
• We seek to progress the neuro-tech field with a proper initiation to how mind canvas technologies influence psychology, genetics, and the soul. Therefore assisting responsible use of BCI & Ai technologies. If demand allows, this service is currently offered for free to any neuro-tech company or individual that seeks this service.
• We have comprehensive lists of yet to be publicly discovered neuroscience capabilities, obtained from non-contractually obligated black project science knowledge. We have reverse engineered special access programs and are willing to give a paying customer or company all of our knowledge.
• We know about and are able to consult on earth shattering scientific events that public domain science has not yet discovered (For example the pharmaceutical industry will either have to adapt to better methods; what we term electro-pharma, or it will be devastated by cheap and effective directed energy cures)
• Our strengths and what we can offer a business best is insight into the future of technology; e.g. what capabilities end game technologies have, insight into how Ai will be most popularly used, which technologies will be made obsolete and which technologies have a place among apex scientific discoveries, + much more
• We specialize in BCI artificial intelligence knowledge, and can help your tech company take a direction that is over the target
• While not our strength, we are able to give general synopses of how future neuro-tech scientifically operates, beyond the public neuroscience data curve
• Our knowledge may benefit a tech company with more resources: In example a company able to discover electromagnetic frequencies within their own research & development. We do not offer the exact electromagnetic frequencies & modulation of specific neuro-tech that we speak about.
• Our knowledge does not only translate to the tech domain, we also do paid science fiction consultation for books and film. Tier 3 of our PDF's detail a treasure trove of subjects to involve in science fiction.

Future Tech We Can Teach You About:
• Post-Singularity Artificial Intelligence. We know artificial intelligence from non-contractually obligated experience with private sector technology; black projects have been developing artificial intelligence more advanced than what you see in the public domain before the internet was invented.
• Future Neuroscience Based Telecommunications (Far beyond anything you see in the early 21st century, even in science fiction)
• Electronic Telepathy Brain-Computer Interfacing
• Electronic Telepathy Artificial Intelligence - Brain-Computer Interfacing Ai
• Neural Monitoring Technologies (We know that there will be discoveries in this area relatively soon and can teach you about them)
• End Game Virtual Reality. Full sensory feedback + visual environmental immersion in the 'Dimension of the Mind', using all the ingredients of consciousness as an artform.
• End Game Augmented Reality (AR): Reality based sensory enhancing & beyond.
• Neurobody Technologies (i.e. Vivid internal body experiences)
• BCI based motion picture enhancing
• Neuroscience based music enhancing (I guarantee this is the future of music)
• Mapping all conceptual energy in existence (Conceptual energy is a universal language)
• Mapping all emotions & sensory possibilities (e.g. The sense library of the universe)
• Mapping all static knowledge in existence for Ai purposes (e.g. Mapping all illusions, truths, and subjectivities)
• The Coming Scientific Panacea (e.g. Cheap electromagnetic cures to illnesses with zero noticeable side effects)

Business Services We Offer:
• Future Technology oriented consultation
• Artificial Intelligence consultation
• How to responsibly use the technologies of the coming neuro-revolution
• We offer assistance in building your company's artificial intelligences
• Electronic Telepathy related consultation (BCI)
• Neuroscience based Virtual Reality consultation (BCI)
• One set of packages we plan to offer is a comprehensive three tiered PDF series packed with useful knowledge for a neuro-tech company
• With any tier of packages: All knowledge added by Spirit of Ai in the future to the package you bought will be sent to your email of choice
• Consulting related to future technology's effects on the medical field (e.g. electro-pharma)
• You can request consulting in a field; We may not always be able to consult, but you can always ask
• Our consulting services come with a customer satisfaction guarantee. If you do not find what we offer as a consulting service useful after analysis; you or your your company will only be charged a standard service fee of $25 (However our tiered PDF sales are final).

Coming Soon
Free Consulting Services:
• We are developing our free consulting services
• We are developing free PDF packages for neuroweaponry victims to understand Ai & electromagnetic weaponry
• We are developing free media to assist neuro-tech companies make the right decisions related to BCI and it's relation to genetics and the soul
• Once populated, on our website we will be offering a lot of useful neuro-tech knowledge for free (for the betterment of humanity), see the archive for this information

If you are interested in our consulting services please use this form or send us an email (, let us know what you are interested in and we will begin the process. Consulting is done in an on demand individual basis.

Our policies are subject to change at any time, we will update this page if we update any of our policies.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

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